Sense4FIT Legendary NFT Collection

The 10K NFT Collection that will help you get into the best shape of your life and earn the best rewards on our FIT2EARN ecosystem;



Legendary collection

About the Legendary Collection

The Legendary Sense4FIT NFT Collection is a group of 10.000 unique NFTs that represent lifetime access to the Sense4FIT app.

You will be able to use these NFTs to participate in the Fit2Earn ecosystem.

When you use the NFTs and you workout you will automatically grow in ranking.

There are 10 NFT levels, each allowing a potential level-up between ranks: from Iron to Ultra Challenger.

Sense4FIT Ecosystem

Sense4Fit ecosystem bridges between real life fitness and the metaverse through gamification, Fit to Earn, challenges with friends and rewards, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, like blockchain, AI and VR.


Business Model

Take advantage of the release of our first collection! You’ll have the chance to get bigger rewards and to be among the first ones using our Active LifeStyle ecosystem.

Sense4FIT is taking the wellness and fitness industry to a whole new level – by harnessing the power of Web3 and Blockchain technology, bringing together people, coaches, gyms, and nutritionists – all connected through their app. With this cutting-edge ecosystem, health-related goals have the best chance of success!


Sense4FIT employs a unique solution, the Fit2Earn model, a logical and natural successor to the Move2Earn model. The Fit2Earn model has the best monitoring technology because it combines proprietary software with real-world technology via a fitness gadget. Ensuring Proof-of-Activity, users get rewarded fairly for completion of workouts and not only – any wellness activity can be recorded, including nutrition and mindfulness. The Fit2Earn model employed by Sense4FIT ensures fair user rewards, in a safe and speedy manner. Through MultiversX, the perfect blockchain partner, Sense4FIT benefits its users with instant payouts, low gas fees, and a friendly, intuitive user interface.

NFT Metaverse mobile app

10 reasons you should buy an NFT


299$ normal price

Special price of 1 EGLD.

02. Immediate better ranking

Purchasing NFTs can get you a better ranking and bigger rewards.

03.Lifetime access

Receive lifetime access to the Sense4FIT lifestyle online events.

04. Rewards multiplier

Receive a rewards multiplier up to 5X.

05. Whitelist for Tokenized gyms

Be added to the whitelist for the future Tokenized gyms.

06. Fit2Earn access

Gain immediate access to the Fit2earn features within our dApp.

07. Demand generation on secondary markets

During a 3-month period, we will not mint any other NFTs, allowing investors to capitalize on their investment.

08. Whitelist for future collection

Be added to the whitelist for future NFT collections

09. Continuous perk flow

We will continue to add benefits along the way.

Evolution of your NFT

The game play is built around the user’s avatar which evolves as the user progresses through the app, either by achieving fitness goals or by purchasing in-app items.

Evolution of your NFT

Watch now from our head of growth the primary details of Legendary NFT Collection

A short intro to our unique Legendary NFT Collection

SKY - swimming NFT

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